“Safety tips” for travelers is amazing! Free app developed under Japan Tourism Agency.


What is Safety tips?

In short, it is the “Perfect App against disasters for foreigners”.

Of course it is FREE download.

This application is a disaster prevention application for foreigners of the Japanese government “Official” which the Japan Tourism Agency has led the development.

Numerous disaster prevention functions such as notification function for emergency bulletin and translation communication function for foreigners are available, and it is almost completed as a perfect disaster prevention application.

Most Japanese use “Yahoo! Disaster Prevention Application”, but Safety tips are easy to understand if you consider “Yahoo! App version for foreigners”.

This application is No. 1 disaster-prevention application for foreign colleagues and friends in Japan.

Why is this App amazing?

Safety tips started under Japan Tourism Agency from 2014. However, the screen was extremely hard to see, and the information was also incomprehensible. Among users, it was famous as “an unusable application”.

Japan Tourism Agency reviewed it with “RC solution” the application development company and it was updated for easy use in 2017.

  • Operation is fast
  • Icons are easy to see
  • Multilingual

Speaking of disaster-prevention applications for foreigners among foreigners in Japan and crisis management personnel now, it is already “Safety tips” choice.

How to install “Safety tips”

Let’s install this app!

Safety tips

Safety tips
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You can use it on iOS or Android.

How to use

You can intuitively use this application without reference to anything.

If you do not know how to use it in detail, the page of the application development company will be helpful.

Safety tips (English) | RC Solution Co / アールシーソリューション株式会社
"Safety tips" notifies a user with disaster information in Japan. This is a free app developed under the supervision of the Japan Tourism Agency. This applicati...